Friday, October 2, 2009

Lots of Random Crap

And by Crap I do mean really crappy drawings, where to begin?
This was chopped out real quick before work while sending messages back and forth, forgot to practice the tablet yesterday so I gave it a whirl today, out of touch:
This is from Wednesday during math:
A couple awful Ron Paul's from his Daily Show appearance and some other crapoodles:
I don't know how to refill Pitt Brush Pens, so I just abuse them after they won't work again:
The last of that little scrap paper book I had on my desk, I really like it and have decided to make a second one:
5 minute doodling in a notebook where I was taking history notes, I didn't notice before now it oddly cut off at the pink line:
This has been sitting on my desk for a while, so I scanned it to convince myself it didn't need to be on my desk:
And my new scrap paper book for doodling:
Next time I'll hopefully have more coherent prettier stuff, kind of not feeling it the last two days, a combination of bad sleep habits and cutting back on coffee to attempt to fix sleep paterns, but I need the coffee to get up in the morning so it didn't work. Supposedly it takes 3 weeks to get into a routine, maybe if I just stop sleeping for three weeks I won't have to?

Also, I did get one good thing done today: MOAR CONSTRUCTION!! <- link to constructianblog

That's all fer now Folks!

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