Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Page Upon Page

I'm not sure why I'm taking so long between updates, I guess I don't really need to drop a ton of doodles each time, I don't even have that many this time, I haven't been just drawing as much since I'm not in school anymore, I've just been doing the two daily comics, I finally got back in the groove of drawing just to draw on Monday and I started working on my story comic again yesterday, which is almost completely penciled, I just have one spread page and the cover to pencil and I think I have half of it inked already, or close to half, so I should be able to have that up sometime next week. So here are the doodles I did accomplish.

In other news, I found a new addiction:

This song:

And this horrible horrible web comic, that I found by searching for comics about James K. Polk after hearing the They Might be Giants song. This comic is incredibly offensive but in a good way if you're not super sensitive.

Anyways, that's all fer now folks!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Yay Stuff x100 Again!

I meant to update a week ago, but whatever I've been.. not really busy but not completely lazy, just tired.

This next one is #300 in my sketchbook folder, I thought the last one was only a month ago, but now it's nearly two months, so I need to draw more obviously.

these are two characters for my comic about super powers, but they need to be reworked a lot, I haven't actually started on this it's still just an idea, but I like it, I want to make them more generic and suited to their powers though, because they don't really matter anyways.
I like the look of the Manilla scanned, but I hate drawing on it. Also, Kimbo surprise!!

I watched Star Trek again, I really like it a lot. Simon Pegg as Scotty makes me long for a sequel or new tv series.

I couldn't remember what Galactus looked like at all; he kind of ended up as a cross between himself and Akuma from Samurai Jack.
Civil War leaders drawn from powerpoint in History Class, plus a Van Buren!
I was heavily influenced by the amazing Hark, a Vagrant by Kate Beaton. I don't know enough history or English lit to get all the jokes but I love the ones I do, especially the last one on this page, my history teacher is from Tyler, TX.

Finally my Nightmare Theater 1930 fan comic:

I'm still making a daily comic at but they're no longer really morning comics, more like late afternoon to almost the next day comics. I also decided to delay putting up my other daily comic until I have more strips done, because it seems like it won't be very good without a large chunk to get introduced. I'm also about to start inking the first part of my story comic, I decided writing a 30 page comic just doesn't work for me so I'm going to do 15 page installments instead which will hopefully encourage me to make it longer than just two issues.

Anyways, that's all fer now folks!

Sunday, November 22, 2009


Okay, so my regular scanner doesn't want to connect right now so I'm not uploading my sketchbook pages, but I did use the nicer but slower scanner to start importing one of my ideas.

A daily warm-up comic strip! This one is really crappy looking, I don't know if it was the ink or I was using the wrong side of the paper or the paper sucks or what but the next one was done correctly:

So I'm doing one of these every morning hopefully to get ready for the day and get a little brush practice everyday, I'm hoping they'll be funny, but they might devolve into simple studies or possibly a story of some sort, I don't know I've only made two so far.

If you want to follow these, I'm probably not going to post many on this blog, I set up a tumblr, I'd like to find a way to make a traditional webcomic set-up but I don't know where, so for now it's at:

I also wanted to share my favorite videogame song at the moment,

I don't think I ever made it this far in the first Sonic, I'm pretty bad at games really, but I love the music and I like playing when there are other people to play with.

That's all fer now Folks!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A page a day

I haven't gotten much doodling time in recently, most of last week I spent working on a book report, and when I wasn't doing that I was either going to work or working on music or my other now 2 extra projects, which I'm not ready to post about yet. So just a few pages of sketches from during class the past week. I also bought New Super Mario Bros. Wii which will probably bite out a good amount of my time.

I really like newsprint, it takes the pencils so well and looks really nice.

Last, a couple work doodles.

That's all for now folks, but I'll probably start posting one of the two projects after thanksgiving, it's a daily thing but I don't want to start sharing until I'm sure that I'll be doing it daily, so I'm working on making it a habit and just refining my ability to do it. The other project probably won't be finished until mid-December if I can get to the pace I wanted to be at, but I'm already kind of behind. Luckily it's mostly because I have so much stuff that I have to do besides that and not because I'm ignoring it and putting it off.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Art Slump Broken?

This first stuff is from Monday last week, before I got swamped with work, school and other projects.

And here are the few blogable results from the block.

It had a lot to do with I just did not feel like drawing at all, so things came out terrible.

The block started to break in history class on monday, luckily

But now I'm out of practice so everything is very awkward and not what I want.
But at least it's becoming fun again.

Besides the Song A Day thing, I have one other project I'm working on, but I probably won't post anything from it until after thanksgiving, until then I'm not entirely sure I'm going to keep up with it, but it probably won't be until next year that I set it up.

I have a couple other ideas, but I haven't started them at all, mostly because I don't really have enough time right now, especially since I took up a job painting the windows at work, which is going terribly since the paint they bought is for decorating glassware I'm pretty certain, so yeah.

Anyways, good news now, an awesome Talking Heads/American Psycho cover:

I never would have thought to put these together, but Miles Fisher does an amazing job.

That's all fer now folks, but if you have a Tumblr let me know so we can be tumbl-buds.