Tuesday, September 29, 2009


So first up, these are kind of older and a few were posted on here earlier, but I got them pasted into the sketchbook and there are at least a couple on each page that haven't been scanned at all so here goes:

These were on here just a few days ago, but they have some color now:

Then some more from the doodle book, that first spread was supposed to be David Cross and Bob Odenkirk, been watching back episodes of the Daily Show where they make appearances, not familiar enough with either to get a good likeness much less caricature:

EDIT: I want to not have that adult content thing clicked so I'm taking those figure drawings out, they'll show up on the flickr eventually .. and the top drawing, darn, that'll be up eventually to

Today I did nothing because my plans fell through and I didn't try to do anything while I waited for the not so surprising disappointment. Tomorrow I'll work harder, seriously today just disappeared from me.

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