Friday, October 30, 2009

Friday October 30th

I watched Tales of Terror with Vincent Price and very awesomely Peter Lorre on Tuesday night, I didn't expect Lorre to show up so that was a fun treat. Decent movie, but more or less just Poe's tales retold with Vincent Price and other actors, it's on Hulu.
Vincent was hilarious as the wine tasting guy, I forgot his name.

These are from lazy Wednesday night listening to SModcast, mindlessly doodling very very slowly.

This page is all I have to show for yesterday, from in class. I need to find a way to not feel so sleepy in government, but it's all stuff everyone should already know. The structure of our government isn't that complicated, the crap that the pull is.
Hopefully I'll have some new stuff tomorrow, although I'm planning on watching the first 11 Simpson's Tree House of Horrors since I bought the first 11 seasons when they were on sale this Summer and haven't really watched more than the the first two and a few episodes I wanted to see again from the later Seasons.
That's all Fer now Y'all!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Back wit moar:
These first ones are at least a week old and are composited from two seperate pages I never drew more on, they just sat on my desk for a while.

The next are monday doodles during history class.

I'm so glad the sea green really cheap colored pencil I grabbed on my way out the door worked so well on this paper, very surprised.
Then some today doodles during government.

Finally, these are from my DS using the colors homebrew, the lines are done in there and then I colored them in photoshop.
It's not as nice as having my wacom working again, but it sure beats the mouse.
Computer mice that is.
Anyways, not much going on,

This is my new alarm clock song:

That's all fer now d00ds!

I was going to watch Nosferatu again and try to do some doodles from it, but since it hasn't happened yet, and since I don't know when it will, I'll just post this image I photoshopped of a sparkling Max Schreck. I don't know much about making gifs, but I couldn't find this on the internet anywhere else so I made it myself. Enjoy:

Sunday, October 25, 2009

more drawing less excuses

Not as much stuff as I would have liked to have, but my brother came to town for the weekend, so yeah, here's some stuff though.

Warm-up straight-ahead with a pen I found in the car.

Finally, some work doodles.
Later d00ds.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Woah, late late late

A lot of stuff to post, but a lot is condensed so let's make this quick:

First some digidoodles, these might be the last for a while unfortunately, I managed to pull my tablet off my desk while standing up twice on Saturday or Sunday and now my computer either won't recognize it, or if it gets moved it disconnects, so :[

I was thinking about getting a new one, but I was hoping to keep this around if I ever get a laptop so I can doodle on the go, I guess not.
Some Stuff

Roky Erikson inspired stuff, that's not really what he looks like, I just guessed off of one video I looked up, but it apparently was just in that video that he had awesome mutton chops:

Now the wonk sets in, these next two were at school, I don't know if I was worried about my history test, but I felt like I couldn't draw at all, the first page on top is actually from two weeks ago, but by that time I was getting derivative:

So I switched to ball point and notebook and just tried to burn it out:
These look better to me now than they did orginally
These next ones not so much:
Which brings me to today:
And today I decided that I wanted some other character to draw, and this is what happened:
That colored image isn't quite how I want her, but it's the most clean although it's also the most boring.

I'm still trying to get more expressions than just boredom, bored and happy, bored and angry along with some better poses, gotta get through the blah.

That's all fer now folks!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Stuff and Such

This post is the largest in some time, so I will only add brief annotations, plus I have lots of stuff to do today still.

Doodle Doodle Doodle, I realized that I don't draw much super expressive stuff, I mostly just make people that I think look funny but they aren't doing anything funny, I started trying to work some verve into these last two pages, but I don't think it worked out.
This one has a couple Flapjacks and Kimbos
This one is from the sketchbook I doodle in when I wake up to get warmed up, most of the stuff in there isn't worth scanning, but I liked this guy's teeth.
Finally practicing with a real brush and markers for the first time in a while.
Some Digital doodles, also kind of warm-ups:

This Kimbo was painted on my DS on the way to dinner, slightly cleaned and colored in photoshop afterward.

Then a digidoodle cleaned and colored for fun:

Finally, this song has been stuck in my head since yesterday morning:

Anyways, that's all fer now folks!