Thursday, October 22, 2009

Woah, late late late

A lot of stuff to post, but a lot is condensed so let's make this quick:

First some digidoodles, these might be the last for a while unfortunately, I managed to pull my tablet off my desk while standing up twice on Saturday or Sunday and now my computer either won't recognize it, or if it gets moved it disconnects, so :[

I was thinking about getting a new one, but I was hoping to keep this around if I ever get a laptop so I can doodle on the go, I guess not.
Some Stuff

Roky Erikson inspired stuff, that's not really what he looks like, I just guessed off of one video I looked up, but it apparently was just in that video that he had awesome mutton chops:

Now the wonk sets in, these next two were at school, I don't know if I was worried about my history test, but I felt like I couldn't draw at all, the first page on top is actually from two weeks ago, but by that time I was getting derivative:

So I switched to ball point and notebook and just tried to burn it out:
These look better to me now than they did orginally
These next ones not so much:
Which brings me to today:
And today I decided that I wanted some other character to draw, and this is what happened:
That colored image isn't quite how I want her, but it's the most clean although it's also the most boring.

I'm still trying to get more expressions than just boredom, bored and happy, bored and angry along with some better poses, gotta get through the blah.

That's all fer now folks!

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