Friday, October 30, 2009

Friday October 30th

I watched Tales of Terror with Vincent Price and very awesomely Peter Lorre on Tuesday night, I didn't expect Lorre to show up so that was a fun treat. Decent movie, but more or less just Poe's tales retold with Vincent Price and other actors, it's on Hulu.
Vincent was hilarious as the wine tasting guy, I forgot his name.

These are from lazy Wednesday night listening to SModcast, mindlessly doodling very very slowly.

This page is all I have to show for yesterday, from in class. I need to find a way to not feel so sleepy in government, but it's all stuff everyone should already know. The structure of our government isn't that complicated, the crap that the pull is.
Hopefully I'll have some new stuff tomorrow, although I'm planning on watching the first 11 Simpson's Tree House of Horrors since I bought the first 11 seasons when they were on sale this Summer and haven't really watched more than the the first two and a few episodes I wanted to see again from the later Seasons.
That's all Fer now Y'all!


Kurdt said...

Man, now I want to watch Tales of Terror again. I have it on a flipper DVD with another Price anthology movie called Twice Told Tales. That one's not as much fun as Tales of Terror though. Have you seen any of Price's Dr. Phibes movies? I'd highly recommend those.

Ian Andersen said...

I watched the trailer now I just have to wait for blockbuster to ship it. They have "Dr. Phibes Rises Again" on hulu, but I can't find the first one there.