Friday, October 9, 2009

Werk Düdels

I watched the first Harry Potter last night and drew a bit during the movie, I realized I actually watched the second half of this around xmas at my friends house, and I think this is the one we watched in German class, but I don't really remember that far back:

I feel like I'm really late to the party, and wish I hadn't looked up anything about what's going to happen, please no spoilers, I should be caught up to the newest movie by the end of the week or so.

This morning I spent a while doing quick drawings of Flapjack just to get a better handle of what he looks like, most of these are really bad, I didn't spend a lot of time cleaning them up, and it probably would have been better to do some actual construction, but this was still fun.

A lot of those are redrawn from the fun storyboards at Sean Szeles blog then I just looked for clips on youtube to work from.

Finally, some work doodles, I had one more that was probably the only one I really liked, but I don't know who ended up with it.

Those peppers at the bottom are based on this really awful "mascot"-ish thing we have on this e-mail program we have, I don't know where they found it but it's absolutely repulsive:

I would get plastered all the time too if I were him.

Anyways, I shouldn't still be awake, so That's all fer now folks.

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