Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sketchbook Page 600

Woo two weeks gone by like that! Time for another post of stuff, maybe I should do these more often so it doesn't take me half an hour to scan and upload everything, but somewhere in here is sketchbook page 600! only 400 more until I need to make a new folder! (or just add a 4th place to the filenames)

first this dude:

And now all these pages without explanations, mostly just in class drawing to keep my mind from wandering

these last few are from design class

that's it for now, sometime next week I'll post the mini I was working on, also since I lasted posted here there are probably two new pages on the comic I was doing a daily panel for, which I'm not doing it daily anymore because of schoolwork, but new pages are still being made as i have time so check there if you haven't recently

Friday, September 3, 2010

What's this?

Hmm, no talking, gotta get back to work, enjoy, comment below :)

Okay, just one comment, the image above is part of a comic that I'm drawing/posting a panel of each day on tumblr, you can read it there or read the whole pages as the show up on the Citric Comics blog here

oh another note, this was for Mis0happy's diglett contest, which I won! Thanks Nina! below are some other ideas for it.

One more, this was for Phil McAndrew's Mustache contest, which I didn't win but it was fun to do anyway.