Monday, July 26, 2010

Scribblies and 30 Day reposts

I don't really have a lot of stuff that isn't already online, I've kind of gone crazy on tumblr so aside from posting most of what I do have there I've also neglected to draw much in my sketchbook.

I do have a bundle of little paintings that I haven't uploaded:

And 3 small sketchbook pages:

A few index cards

The rest is already on tumblr but why not post it here too :D

I was doing these random pokémon teams as brush warm-up which is why there are less index cards, I was hoping to do it everyday, but I got off my inking schedule after the first three and haven't picked it back up yet.

Here are the latest from the 30 days project, I'm having a lot of fun doing these

Here's the original version of that comic

In other news, which may or may not be new, I've been up until 6 am for about two weeks now I can't seem to get off this schedule, I like it but it's also getting kind of weird, I find myself constantly trying to figure out what time it would be if I woke up at 8. Not much else to share right now, I'm practicing something else but I'm not ready to show it yet, I also have 3-4 ideas for short (1-3 page) comics that I need to go ahead and just make instead of sitting on them, especially now that Toothache is finished. The more I think about it that comic is such a downer, I'd love to do more with the character, maybe a continuation that has 2-3 more books and ends up a bit less sad.

I feel awkward about doing plugs, but I am interested in getting more use out of these other web services (especially twitter)

Friday, July 23, 2010

TOOTHACHE - a comic

It's finished!

So this is what I've been working on for the past month roughly, each panel was done on a separate 4x6 piece of cardstock, and at first I was just making different drawings in the cave environment with the character before I formed the story around them and they were pushed to different parts of the book. I'm surprised some of these pages work, next time I'll be putting everything on single pages to avoid some of the awkward page layouts.

I was thinking of making a print version, but decided against it since it's only a 12 page story (including cover) I think I'll make 2-3 more short stories like this and put all of them together before I print anything.

Hope you enjoyed this, any comments would be very appreciated.

EDIT: fixed the last page, had the panels backward somehow .-.;;

Friday, July 16, 2010

Many Directions

Okay lets start with these two comics I made!

That one I kind of just decided I needed to use that paneled page I printed out so I drew it straight forward and figured it out by the second panel.

This one is deffinetely heavily inspired by Ryan Pequin's Three Word Phrase comics, those comics are so good, jeeze.

Here are the sketch pages, I was watching Two Towers during the first few

I should probably have edited that dwarf out.. yeuch.

Drew these pages during a ustream by nina of mis0happy.tumblr more about that further down in the post though

Some index cards, these are becoming my favorite way to draw.

These last two were from index cards I took to work, and a couple pieces of the printer tape which happens to be index width.

A few random doodling getting my tablet work out that I put off doodles.

This is for a thing that was going around tumblr, a 30 day drawing challenge which you can read about here and this is the tumblr for the person who started it princesssylvia.tumblr I'm going to try to do all of these in that same "lineless" sort of look, as far as I can anyways.
These last few were drawn in a style I learned from nina who I mentioned above, the doodles on her blog are really cute, so I had asked if she drew at size and she explained her technique in this post
I used it to draw some pokèmon and other things
I've been watching Avatar recently, I'm a few episodes into the second season, really enjoying it, I think there is an avatar drawing in the index cards above.

I think that's all I have, I'm almost finished with the longer comic I've been working on (well kind of working on, the last two days I mostly studied cute drawings, I think I'll force myself to either color all the stuff that's ready for it or draw the panel and cover and back and color half tonight and then finish it up on saturday, and somewhere between there get this other comic that I have blocking me up out, that is if I can stop wanting to just draw cute tiny pokemon.

The only other thing I want to mention is this:

I've listened to this album at least twice each day this week, soooo good

There's a bunch of great fan art of her from an IDYS on the Electric Ant Zine Blog which I now wish I had jumped on the last 3 hours when I found it to get a piece in for this.

that's it for now, I had more stuff than I thought