Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Back wit moar:
These first ones are at least a week old and are composited from two seperate pages I never drew more on, they just sat on my desk for a while.

The next are monday doodles during history class.

I'm so glad the sea green really cheap colored pencil I grabbed on my way out the door worked so well on this paper, very surprised.
Then some today doodles during government.

Finally, these are from my DS using the colors homebrew, the lines are done in there and then I colored them in photoshop.
It's not as nice as having my wacom working again, but it sure beats the mouse.
Computer mice that is.
Anyways, not much going on,

This is my new alarm clock song:

That's all fer now d00ds!

I was going to watch Nosferatu again and try to do some doodles from it, but since it hasn't happened yet, and since I don't know when it will, I'll just post this image I photoshopped of a sparkling Max Schreck. I don't know much about making gifs, but I couldn't find this on the internet anywhere else so I made it myself. Enjoy:


Kurdt said...

Bryne and company look so young in that clip! That live version is also even better than the studio version! Surprising since 1978 would be right at the start of the band, I guess they were always good live!

Sparkly Nosferatu made me laugh pretty hard!

And your drawings are cool, per usual!

Ian Andersen said...

Yeah, I'm so used to seeing him how he looks now that his face under that brown mop was kind of disconcerting.

Have you seen the videos of them in Rome in 1980 with Adrien Belew, they have embedding turned off otherwise it would have been one or both these: Psycho Killer Crosseyed and Painless With Adrien Belew of King Crimson no less.

I'm glad you enjoyed it, I still can't believe no one has done it yet, he makes such a great vampire.