Monday, November 2, 2009

Starting off, a few quick Mega Man doodles, I like the way he looks in the first games, I don't get why people draw him taller, he looks a lot better as a short dude. I guess Mega Man X is taller, but he looks awkward to me if he's drawn too tall and skinny.

These were drawn during my Treehouse of Horror Marathon

Then some lazy day of Halloween doodles, with two Geoweasel characters.

Yesterday I watched Die Hard for the first time, and it was great, further proving my theory that Bruce Willis is infallible, but hard to draw.

Finally, enjoy some Dick Dale, I think I'm going to make this my alarm clock starting tomorrow, what better way to wake up.

That's all fer now, Folks.


Kurdt said...

Whenever I hear Dick Dale I think of the opening of Pulp Fiction. Good stuff though, I should probably track some more surf rock down.

In the shitty Captain N cartoons Megaman was really short and green and he talked like Popeye! If you ever want to see how not to make a good cartoon, watch that show.

Ian Andersen said...

Yeah, that's how it was when I first heard his other stuff, my friend played it for me, "isn't this Pulp Fiction?" "yeah, but listen to the other tracks" He also told me about how Dale plays left-handed but never switched the strings to the left-hand order which I thought was really cool. Misirlou still reminds me of Pulp Fiction though.

Wow, Captain N looks terrible, is that really supposed to be Simon Belmont in the opening?