Monday, May 17, 2010

Pen Doodles and Another Animation

I guess I haven't been doing much drawing the last week, even though I had finals, I did have two days completely open and the mornings on the weekend, but I guess I just let myself mess around and play video games and watch Party Down instead of drawing, so here's what I managed to get out in the last week.

I'm really happy with how this comic about fake pokemon turned out

I'm trying to learn to draw with regular pens, but it's so awkward for me.
My main problem is everything seems so scratchy and so many superfluous traceback lines because they don't have the weight variation that pencils or ink brushing do.

And this Bowie, today I've been listening to nothing but David Bowie and Talking Heads, except in the morning when I left The Authorities playing accidentally for an hour and half while I was picking up schoolwork.
And here is the final animation I did for my basic animation class

I animated the red shirted mannequin, made the annotations and arranged the musical elements.

I'll probably get my school work photographed tomorrow so hopefully I'll post that up sometime then.

I will also hopefully be excited after finally seeing How to Train Your Dragon tonight and will get on coloring that comic I was supposed to three weeks ago and have that up soon too, but we'll see.

Later Folks!

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