Thursday, May 6, 2010

Blocking Up

I think I might be about to hit a huge art block wall, so bear with me as these grind to a halt.

I'm not really sure why I uploaded this first one, besides that it was sitting on my desk, this is just a scrap paper I was using to make sure my brush was working how I wanted.

And a brush doodle
These were all drawn while taking a defensive driving course, and the terrible drawings in that course are probably why I can't think to draw well.

I decided I should draw a gnome person a bunch

And some Megaman robot masters who I don't remember what they are supposed to look like.
And Pokemon, which I'm going to be drawing a ton of probably
More Gnome
Then these from history where I decided I couldn't draw anymore

Trying to find something else to draw, I don't know what the hell is going on with that girl on the right
And blocked, all this last page was horrifyingly difficult to draw
So this is where I am now, I need to get back to trying to draw my way out of this hole.

I'm hoping that by next Friday I'll have started and finished coloring the comic I made for free comic book day and I'll post it here then, but that depends upon projects and whether I get my driving record in time which I'm more worried about each day since I think I'm supposed to be a the court next Wednesday.

Anyways, back to drawing.

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