Thursday, May 20, 2010

Whoooooo PRRRRRR

Okay! Since I still haven't started working on coloring that comic here's some other stuff.

Let's start off with these digital scribbles:
I've been playing pokemon, so I'm wanting to draw them, but then I realize I have no clue what they look like, I don't know who is thinking about my Wooper referencing Qwantz, this whole image confuses me.

I'm happy with Ash and Geodude, and maybe the guy at the bottom, but the rest of this page scares me.

I saw How to Train Your Dragon, finally, really really fun just like everyone said, so I looked at Katie Rice's drawings of the movie, these next few images are obviously influenced by her work, oh and more pokemon.

Drinking and watching Star Wars, sorry.

And last a couple of ink painting things that were fun to make but not that successful.

Okay, if I don't start coloring the comic tomorrow I'll just upload it as the inks only and not worry about coloring it even though I do want to.

Also, if you have twitter, or if you were thinking about getting one, you totally should and we should be pals: @weflewairplanes

That's all for now.

1 comment:

Josh 'Hat' Lieberman said...

cool stuff dude.
I go through phases too where I draw lots of Pokemon.