Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Art Slump Broken?

This first stuff is from Monday last week, before I got swamped with work, school and other projects.

And here are the few blogable results from the block.

It had a lot to do with I just did not feel like drawing at all, so things came out terrible.

The block started to break in history class on monday, luckily

But now I'm out of practice so everything is very awkward and not what I want.
But at least it's becoming fun again.

Besides the Song A Day thing, I have one other project I'm working on, but I probably won't post anything from it until after thanksgiving, until then I'm not entirely sure I'm going to keep up with it, but it probably won't be until next year that I set it up.

I have a couple other ideas, but I haven't started them at all, mostly because I don't really have enough time right now, especially since I took up a job painting the windows at work, which is going terribly since the paint they bought is for decorating glassware I'm pretty certain, so yeah.

Anyways, good news now, an awesome Talking Heads/American Psycho cover:

I never would have thought to put these together, but Miles Fisher does an amazing job.

That's all fer now folks, but if you have a Tumblr let me know so we can be tumbl-buds.


John-Michael Morgan said...

I wish I could be as lucky as you. As of late, I've been in a terrible block.

Oddly enough, my block has started breaking in math class.

Anyways, these drawings are all awesome, Ian!

Ian Andersen said...

Thank you John!

I hate art block, it's so hard to know what to do, I'm never sure if I should just deal with the frustration and try to draw out of it, or just take a break and risk the regression in ability.

I like drawing during classes where there is a lot of lecture, recently I noticed that if I'm not drawing I stop paying attention and my mind just goes off thinking about some part of the lecture and I'll miss everything.