Sunday, November 22, 2009


Okay, so my regular scanner doesn't want to connect right now so I'm not uploading my sketchbook pages, but I did use the nicer but slower scanner to start importing one of my ideas.

A daily warm-up comic strip! This one is really crappy looking, I don't know if it was the ink or I was using the wrong side of the paper or the paper sucks or what but the next one was done correctly:

So I'm doing one of these every morning hopefully to get ready for the day and get a little brush practice everyday, I'm hoping they'll be funny, but they might devolve into simple studies or possibly a story of some sort, I don't know I've only made two so far.

If you want to follow these, I'm probably not going to post many on this blog, I set up a tumblr, I'd like to find a way to make a traditional webcomic set-up but I don't know where, so for now it's at:

I also wanted to share my favorite videogame song at the moment,

I don't think I ever made it this far in the first Sonic, I'm pretty bad at games really, but I love the music and I like playing when there are other people to play with.

That's all fer now Folks!

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