Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Yay Stuff x100 Again!

I meant to update a week ago, but whatever I've been.. not really busy but not completely lazy, just tired.

This next one is #300 in my sketchbook folder, I thought the last one was only a month ago, but now it's nearly two months, so I need to draw more obviously.

these are two characters for my comic about super powers, but they need to be reworked a lot, I haven't actually started on this it's still just an idea, but I like it, I want to make them more generic and suited to their powers though, because they don't really matter anyways.
I like the look of the Manilla scanned, but I hate drawing on it. Also, Kimbo surprise!!

I watched Star Trek again, I really like it a lot. Simon Pegg as Scotty makes me long for a sequel or new tv series.

I couldn't remember what Galactus looked like at all; he kind of ended up as a cross between himself and Akuma from Samurai Jack.
Civil War leaders drawn from powerpoint in History Class, plus a Van Buren!
I was heavily influenced by the amazing Hark, a Vagrant by Kate Beaton. I don't know enough history or English lit to get all the jokes but I love the ones I do, especially the last one on this page, my history teacher is from Tyler, TX.

Finally my Nightmare Theater 1930 fan comic:

I'm still making a daily comic at WakeUpAirplanes.tumblr.com but they're no longer really morning comics, more like late afternoon to almost the next day comics. I also decided to delay putting up my other daily comic until I have more strips done, because it seems like it won't be very good without a large chunk to get introduced. I'm also about to start inking the first part of my story comic, I decided writing a 30 page comic just doesn't work for me so I'm going to do 15 page installments instead which will hopefully encourage me to make it longer than just two issues.

Anyways, that's all fer now folks!


Kurdt said...

Your drawings are great eye candy! Keep drawring!

I'm a huge Kate Beaton fan too, she actually got me interested in history again and it's mostly what I've been reading latley.

Ian Andersen said...

Thank you.

I started reading Assassination Vacation by Sarah Vowell because of that site, and because whenever she was on the dailyshow last I looked up all the other times she was a guest to watch those clips too.

Kurdt said...

Have you seen the They Might Be Giants documentary A Tale of Two Johns? Vowell is in that, it started my nerd crush on her.

Ian Andersen said...

That's strangely enough the next item in my rental queue right now.

Josh 'Hat' Lieberman said...

Hey dude
Love the comic! thanks for the link. I'm gonna put it up in my next post.

Spread the word, let's see how many people we can get to draw yetis. Let's make this Yeti December the best Yeti December ever.