Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Doodle Dump

So instead of trying to learn, work on school stuff, or sleep, I spent last night doodling whilst reading cartoonists blogs and watching videos on youtube.

This is just a quick "book" of scraps from the paper I cut up to use for construction practice stapled together so I could do precisely this with it. I actually have one more drawing in there but I don't like it, maybe if I fix it it can show up with the rest of the pages.

Then some doodles in this awful soft cover moleskine which I bought a year ago but never really liked or used, I'm trying to use it to see if I should just by the large hardback version or if I need the sketchbook version. The thin paper bothers me more in the scans than it does in person.

This is actually a couple days older, but was fun to make since I never use my tablet I wanted to try some things I learned to doodle, probably should have spent more time constructing the pose but I was more interested in getting the lines to look okay and coming up with colors to use.

Now, for fun things:

I was about to search for what I wanted to post but this was under recommended, I never watched much of this show, but now I kind of wish I had, the some of the character designs are really cool.

This is awesome,

This is kind of creepy, but the end is totally worth it


This one time... from nelson boles on Vimeo.

That's all fer now folks.

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