Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Page Upon Page

I'm not sure why I'm taking so long between updates, I guess I don't really need to drop a ton of doodles each time, I don't even have that many this time, I haven't been just drawing as much since I'm not in school anymore, I've just been doing the two daily comics, I finally got back in the groove of drawing just to draw on Monday and I started working on my story comic again yesterday, which is almost completely penciled, I just have one spread page and the cover to pencil and I think I have half of it inked already, or close to half, so I should be able to have that up sometime next week. So here are the doodles I did accomplish.

In other news, I found a new addiction:

This song:

And this horrible horrible web comic, that I found by searching for comics about James K. Polk after hearing the They Might be Giants song. This comic is incredibly offensive but in a good way if you're not super sensitive.

Anyways, that's all fer now folks!