Friday, June 18, 2010

Stuff Stuff

Just going and going but not getting much done really.
Let's do the index cards first:

These first few have a couple of Night People references, and that one dude is totally ripped from ideas by Micheal Deforge who is amazing:

Now the regular stuff, the colors in these are completely off, but I don't feel like trying to doing the levels myself, just know these look a bit better in terms of color.

If you don't know, GeoWeasel is awesome and Niko is reposting the episodes on NewGrounds, go there and watch them,

I like writing 610 as the date, but I think it only seems important because I live in (near) Houston.

Umm, what else:

Everyone has probably heard these, but whatever:


Actually, Speedo probably has the right idea, never trust a cat in a hat.

This table is cool:

I guess that's it.

I'm going on two and a half hours sleep so I don't know if I'll accomplish anything else today.

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