Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Lots of Old Stuff plus some New New

I guess I'll start with this digital doodling stuff first

I got some 11x17 Tabloid size copy paper, at first I thought it was awesome then I realized that the size was incredibly intimidating.
That's why these are all so akward

More index cards

And since I finally got around to putting them in my sketchbook, here are a bunch of old work doodles, I'm not sure which of these have been posted before, so bear with me.

These next few are the ones I just pulled out of my work book, but some of these are at least a month old if not more.

And ending on a less scribbly thing:

I'm not sure if I'm going to keep making pages for this or not, I just felt like trying a gutterless page, and not even panels, not sure not sure.

Also, I guess I'll mention this again, if you have twitter let's be pals on twitter: @weflewairplanes I keep seeing that Lewis Black stand-up preview raving about twitter, but I promise I won't post about buying shoes (or only once every other year when my shoes wear out completely forcing me to buy a new pair) Later Dudes!

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