Tuesday, March 30, 2010

First Walk Cycle

No sketches, still hard at work on my animation.

, but

I do have a short sample of my first walk cycle ever, (outside of stick figure nonsense from high school in flash)

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This is probably a bit slower than it will actually play, and I added 4 more frames. Hopefully when the entire thing is complete the professor will give us a compiled video file, but that won't be ready until at least mid April.

I'll post some doodles tomorrow.


Josh 'Hat' Lieberman said...

not bad for a first try brotha.
keep it up.

Ian Andersen said...

Thanks! I haven't tested it with the new frames, but I think I got rid of a bit of the harsh snap going into back to the full stride, I had the run cycle but never saved it, I'll find out on Monday though!