Saturday, November 27, 2010

New Site!!

Wow! I neglected this blog for nearly two months! Oops :\

But! I made a new regular blog that has both my comics and will also have a sketchblog on it! I haven't made any posts for the sketchblog yet, but you can check out the other stuff just go to: hopefully I'll do a better job keeping the sketchblog there updated if not I'll at least be keeping the journal comics I've been doing in secret for the past year (well year and 20 days since I hadn't posted about it on here until now) so check those out!

I'll probably update this page in a week or so to automatically re-direct to the new site, but for now thanks for reading the stuff on here, the new site has RSS hopefully not too many people are relying on just doing that blogger follow thing.

One more time the site is :

thanks everyone!,

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