Monday, August 16, 2010

Stuff and NEW blog

Woah, while since last post oops,

first I made another comic:

And drew a lot more sketchbook pages than I have been recently, few studies for the comic show up in these

I also finally collected my more recent work doodles

I'm working on this comic one panel a day, but I'm fleshing it out in my head a lot quicker than I'm working, so I might speed up a bit soon.

And here are the last days of the 30 day drawing challenge:

The last day is all of them together

I also made a new blog that will just be a gallery of all my comics:

Right now it's might need to change that to citricacidcomics.blogspot the double cc is kind of confusing to me, but it already seems too long, thoughts?

Also, does anyone know how to get the default image upload on blogger to be larger? I'd like at least a 600 width for my thumbnails, over half my pics could be here without having to click through.

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