Thursday, August 5, 2010

30 Day Project + Doodles

Okay, so I'm starting to forget what I've posted here and haven't bear with me if anything is showing up twice I'll edit through soon.

First here are more of the 30 day challenges:

A bunch of digital doodles

I haven't been drawing too much on regular paper, and I feel bad about it I think I should be trying to get more of that done, but drawing with the tablet is a lot more fun right now and doing things with a brush is even more exciting but takes a lot longer so there's not much to show just yet.

And finally more pokémon index cards

A lot of this was already online at tumblr, but I'm going to try to get more sketch pages done so I can update more regularly, there is a lot of stuff I should probably be studying with pencil and paper, so hopefully I can get back into doing it that way.

OH, I forgot to post this:

I made that for Koyama Press
Anne Koyama is having people draw versions of the Kickass Annie logo
so I decided I wanted to do one check them out at KP FB page for more of them

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